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Combined Locums Terms and Condition for Clients

  1. Contract with client (GP Surgery, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, and optician) is a bound agreement for the supply of Locums (GPs, Dentists, Pharmacist, Optician) by Combined Locums Ltd.
  2. At no point client should directly employ the Locum when introduced by Combined Locums Ltd
  3. Direct employment of Locum following introduction is breech of contractual agreement and legal action can be undertaken if necessary with fixed penalty of 5000 pound as per Combined Locums discretion. This also applies to client who introduces the locum to third party without prior agreement with Combined Locums Ltd.
  4. Direct contractual agreement between the Locum and client for locum assignment is also a breach of agreement and applies clause 3.
  5. No changes or any alteration to terms and condition is valid unless agreed by Combined Locums Ltd in written form both with clients and Locums.
  6. Combined Locums Ltd can withdrew contract at any point with client and with Locums without notification if terms and conditions are breached including any forms of dispute between agreements. At no point Combined Locums Ltd is responsible to give adequate or written information regarding withdrawal of contract with both client and Locums.


  1. Hourly rate of pay as per agreement to nearest quarter hour.
  2. If locums works additional hours – Combined Locums Ltd will adjust the time sheets and invoice accordingly.
  3. Additional Charge may apply for home visit, admin work and number of extra patient seen unless agreed with Combined Locums Ltd.
  4. All invoices will include VAT at standard rate.
  5. Locums are required to fill the timesheet on completion of locum work and signed by client or responsible personnel. This implies client satisfaction with the locum and the hours of service provided.
  6. Failure to sign the times sheet by the client does not liberate the clients obligation to make payment of the charges incurred by the hours worked and service provided by the locum.
  7. All charges of Locum will be invoiced to the client within one week of completion of Locum work. Client should make payment directly to Combined Locum Ltd by the 30th of each calendar month. No Payment should be made to Locums directly unless agreed by Combined Locums Ltd before commencing Locum work.
  8. Any delay payment by the client may be a subject to fixed penalty of 25 pound per day. Failure to make payment by the due date stated on the invoice, late penalty charges will apply and will continue to acquire per day. The invoices will then be passed on over to the debt collectors for debt collection and all additional charges will be the sole responsibility of the surgery to pay in connection with the litigation process and debt collection.
  9. Combined Locum charges and rates are subject to change however this will be informed at that time of booking Locum work with client.
  10. All Locums registered with combined Locums Ltd are responsible to pay their own taxes, NI, pensions or any other taxes applicable to HMRC.


  1. All documents will be supplied to client for locum assignment via PDF files. It is client sole responsibility to check and validate the documents before accepting a locum. Combined locums Ltd will do their utmost to keep all documents up to date and supply as per client request.
  2. Should client requires further documents or have question about the validity of any documents provided, client should contact immediately Combined locum Ltd for clarification.
  3. Combined locum will take no responsibility on behalf of any clients accepting locum prior checking all documents.
  4. Whilst Combined locums Ltd will make every effort to support both the client and the locum to provide highest standard of service however, Combined locums Ltd is not directly responsible for any professional misconduct of duty, negligence or dishonesty by locum provided.
  5. Combined locum Ltd as whole is not liable nor responsible for any personal injury, safeguarding issues, any errors, any death, and any other claim (irrespective of the nature of claim) or complain arising from its own or by the negligence or professional misconduct of the Locum.


  1. Client should hold a valid employer’s and public liability insurance at the time of accepting a locum for assignment.
  2. Any personal injury to locum or patient occurs during or whilst conduction locum work should be covered by client liability insurance.
  3. Locums are not direct employee by Combined locum Ltd – they are classified as service provider under contractual agreement on behalf of Combined locums Ltd where they hold sole responsibility for the charges (by the discretion of Combined locum Ltd) to be paid to Combined locums Ltd for finding the locum work.
  4. Once Locums are accepted by the client, it’s the client full and sole responsibility for quality assurance of the service provided by the locum. The client are also responsible for full supervision of the locum throughout the duration of the locum work. Where applicable client should provide adequate support to the locum to overcome any difficulties, complaints which may arise during or after completion of locum work.
  5. The clients are also responsible for health and safety at work act etc, code of practice by law, and working – time directive regulation. Both locum and client should notify any health and safety matters to Combined locums Ltd in advance prior accepting a locum.
  6. The client should inform Combined locums Ltd in advance if a locum is required outside the working time directive i.e; more than 48hours in a week.
  7. The client should take every effort and responsibility to comply with terms and condition as set out by Combined locums Ltd and the client will not misled or do anything to cause breach of the terms and condition of Combined locums Ltd.
  8. The client should indemnify Combined locums Ltd against any losses, damage, claims, costs or any other liabilities incurred by the assignment either compliance or out of compliance, or as result of breach of the terms and condition as set out by Combined locums Ltd.

The Client:

  1. If the client accepts locum contract for any duration and then later decide to terminate the contract then the client should notify Combined locums Ltd 72 hours in advance. Failure to do so may incur a surcharge at the discretion of Combined locums Ltd.
  2. Client can terminate the contract of locum if the client feels the standard of the locum is unsatisfactory and compromises patient care. This can be done by instructing the locum directly to leave immediately or by instructing Combined Locums Ltd to remove the locum from the assignment.
  3. Following termination of contract Combined locums Ltd may ask the client for short brief summary of the event leading to immediate termination of contract with the locum.
  4. Client should also inform Combined locums Ltd of any further action may be taken against the locum in question.
  5. Combined Locums reserve the right to inform the locum any outstanding proceeding may be undertaken by the clients.
  6. Client should accept communication in the form of telephone, fax, email or print out of hard copy using correct details.
  7. The clients accept Combined locums limited to use their name and any other promotional features, to advertise for vacancies on the Combined locums Ltd website.

The Locums.

  1. Should inform any outstanding proceeding by the GMC or any other organization prior registering with Combined locum Ltd or prior accepting an assignment through Combined locums Ltd.
  2. Once locum work is accepted – it is the sole responsibility of the locum to complete the given assignment.
  3. If the locum decides to cancel any assignment once accepted then they should give adequate notice to Combined locums Ltd up to 72 hours to arrange other locums to cover required period of the assignment ( except ill health, bereavement and reasonable unexpected circumstances).
  4. If locum periodically cancel accepted assignment then their contract with Combined locums Ltd may be terminated and administration charge may apply at the Combined locums Ltd discretion.
  5. Locums will be required to give feedback of the assignment under taken – this would help Combined locums Ltd to identify any potential risk so that this can be effectively dealt with clients.

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