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7 Checks to a have a LOCUM to cover you in X-Mas !!!

Posted on 7th Nov 2019

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas… a Locum to cover my sessions! 

Let’s face it, trying to get a locum to cover a session on a general non-festive week can be challenging. Trying to get locum cover during the last two weeks of December can be like a skating on thin ice! (especially if it is left to the last minute). 

The following tips can help alleviate the some of the stress faced during this time:  

  • Plan in advance; there is no harm in checking with your doctors if they plan on booking time off in December. It’s better to have notice as early as October so you can make the necessary arrangements to have Locum doctors in place. 
  • Advertise your post as soon as possible (or as early as you can)? 
  • Take advantage of your contacts – spread the word to your fellow Practice Managers. 
  • Be flexible with the session time; Locum doctors are more likely to be drawn to a session which is 2.5 hours - 3 hours or FULL Day. 
  • Agree your jobs; will you allow admin time for your locum to sign prescriptions at the end of the clinic (ensure their smart card allows EPS) 
  • Negotiate your hourly rate in advance.  
  • Ensure you have carried out your necessary checks: 

                                 o   Medical indemnity.

                                 o   Registration with the professional body.

                                 o   Are they on the National Performers Lists? 

                                 o   Proof of identity. 

                                 o   DBS check. 

                                 o   Documentary evidence of relevant qualifications.

                                 o   Full employment history.