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A day in the life of a Practice Manager

Posted on 7th Nov 2019

It’s not a secret practice for managers to face many challenges in their day-to-day life.  

We go to work with good intentions to complete (or attempt to tackle) that never ending to do list. We are lucky if we can cross two of the items on the list because………oh life happens; the phones have stopped working/ the clinical system has failed to load/a patient complains about sitting too close to another patient/a fight has broken out in the reception/ there will be a fire/ a flood/ a GP will be off sick/the receptionist couldn’t come into work because she had a bad case of hiccups…… it happens!  

We are always first port of call for any emergencies whilst also expected to be ready for audits and inspections. 

Our tips to surviving a stressful day in a busy surgery: 

  • Plan the day ahead - Make a to do list for the next day ?
  • Tackle any urgent issues as they arise.
  • Stay positive – you can lose the will to live at times but the hard work always pays off! 
  • Appreciate your team – Managing the team effectively ensures you have a happy team, who in turn keep your patients happy ::::)))
  • Drink that magic potion called coffee…